Pop Saltbush, Native grasses, raffia, mild steel, resin, H: 50 x W: 95 x D: 83cm. Photo: Gabriella Hegyes.
Designed by: Jillian Trudgen, Mary Douglas, Gabriella Hegyes. Created by: Liz MacRaild, Jillian Trudgen, Mary Douglas, Gabriella Hegyes, Judy O’Neill, Helen Worsley, Justin Byrne, Liam Bower.

Visitors and staff at the cafeteria at Orange Health Service are frequently delighted to discover a woven garden of Fauna and Flora of the Central West installed in the courtyard.


These artworks were designed and created through community workshops in Orange and Condobolin. The design theme presents, in particular, plants and animals significant to Aboriginal people from across the region.


Plants include the bush cucumber, gooseberry, kurrajong, pigweed, plantain, pop saltbush and the yam together with the frog, echidna, goanna, kangaroo, platypus, yellow belly fish, turtle and the wedge tailed eagle.


Community workshops led by artists Gabriella Hegyes and Bev Coe offered community members an opportunity to exchange ideas, knowledge and techniques. The aim was to create a community public art project incorporating non-traditional techniques with traditional Aboriginal woven elements to create an installation for the courtyard of the new hospital.


Artists worked together with community members, mental health staff and consumers to create the15 sculptures – a powerful and visible presence in the Health Service of the community, Aboriginal people and people with mental illness.

A special thank you to the dedicated artists, the countless volunteers from the community, the staff & consumers of the Orange Health Service, the O’Brien Centre and all the organisations who have contributed to these projects.

all images by Gabriella Hegyes.

For detailed information on each of the weavings please view the PDF:
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