Works from Orange Regional Gallery and the Kedumba Collection installed in the Orange Health Service lobby. Artworks are by John R Walker and Judy Cassab.

A ground-breaking partnership between Orange Health Service and Orange Regional Gallery is making an extensive range of original artworks available within a health setting. The Gallery is exhibiting works from its permanent collection throughout the General Hospital and Bloomfield Psychiatric Hospital, bringing the collection to over 200,000 people per year.

Exploring the collection provides a change in focus for visitors and staff. Regular art tours are conducted by the curator for staff and the general public as well as tailored sessions for Bloomfield Psychiatric Hospital residents. In addition to its own extensive collection, the Orange Regional Gallery is also custodian to the Chroma Collection and the Kedumba Collection of Contemporary Australian Drawings which are also being exhibited at the Health Service.

Thanks to support from the Orange Regional Arts Foundation (ORAF) and Friends of the Orange Regional Gallery (FORG) a suite of 42 hand-coloured woodcuts donated by Artist Salvatore Zofrea have been framed and installed across the Health Service. The woodcuts are from the artist's Days of Summer Series