The Kedumba Collection of Contemporary Australian Drawings. A Jan Senbergs cityscape hangs alongside a Garden Island study by Jody Graham.

The Kedumba Collection is widely regarded as one of the finest collections of drawing in Australia.

Orange Regional Gallery is delighted to present these significant artworks on loan from the Kedumba trustees for the benefit of staff, patients and the general public visitng Orange Health Service.

Throughout the Health Service visitors are discovering exceptional works on paper from the Kedumba collection. Artists represented include Elizabeth Cummings, Rachel Ellis, Kevin Lincoln, Reg Mombassa, John Olsen, Jan Senbergs and Aida Tomescu among many others.

Since its inception in 1990, the public Kedumba Collection has acquired almost two hundred drawings. These have been sourced from the annual Kedumba Drawing Award, approved gifts from artists and other benefactors, and acquisitions by the Artist Trustees and Director on behalf of the Collection. As a result of this unique approach, the collection is considered by distinguished art authorities to be of outstanding significance and importance.

The practice of drawing is essential to many artists because it is the primary means of visual expression, offering a direct and immediate way of responding to experiences and expressing ideas.

Drawings appeal to a wide audience because there are no secrets to how most drawings are made and it is less mediated than most digitally based or graphic arts. Usually burnt pieces of willow, a simple pencil or watercolour wash are enough. The rest depends on how well the artist integrates the hand, the eye and the mind.

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