Orange Health Service General Hospital East Entrance in July 2011 and after installation in November 2011

The award winning Orange Health Service Art + Health Strategy is both unique and groundbreaking in Australia, providing access to high-quality exhibitions and performance programs for staff and visitors.

The strategy aims to foster meaningful connections between the Health Service and the community while facilitating healing, discussion, pride, learning and understanding.

A range of projects have been developed including:
  • Terrazzo designs installed in various Mental Health courtyards
  • Weaving Wellbeing project installed in the Hospital cafeteria courtyard
  • Orange Regional Gallery at Orange Health Service - artworks from the permanent collection exhibited throughout the facility
  • Aboriginal Gathering Space including 11 totemic terrazzo paving artworks near the east entrance of the General Hospital
  • Cubism Project featuring designs by four regional artists, located at the west and east entrances of the General Hospital
  • Historical cabinet displays at the General Hospital east entrance
  • Mental Health environments enhanced using large-scale photographic installations of Central West landscapes
  • Music performances and events
  • A unique mural in the Children’s Ward
  • Local artist exhibitions in the cafeteria and staff exhibitions
  • Artist residencies and workshops for patients and residents
  • Art appreciation tours for staff and general public

These projects are made possible through the ongoing support of volunteers, artists, health staff, civic and community organisations and funding bodies. Their contributions and efforts have seen initial concepts in 2009 develop into what is now a comprehensive strategy guided by the Art and Health Committee.

The Arts and Health Committee gratefully acknowledges the ongoing support of the following organisations: